In addition to hosting services, we support POP3 E-Mail service for your domain, if you need. In this case your mail is placed on the same physical server with your site. If you don't know, what server is this, look in table:
hostname IP addr Statistic address
Mail server:
Mail server:
Mail server:
Mail server:

Mail box access

You need following data to have access for your mailbox:

mailhost: - full domain name of mail server
mailogin: - full E-mail address user@domain
mailpass: - password for your mail (POP3 password)

These lines your get from our support or from your domain postmaster.

Access via POP3

You have received data described above. Write them down in your mail client programm (Outlook, TheBat). For example, in The Bat:

Account ->
  Properties ->
    Transport ->
      Receive Mail:

Mail server:

User:        user@domain

Password:    *******

Use protocol: POP3

Access via Web

You may want to send and receive mail via Web-interface, without special mail client installed. Choose webmail address from above table and go to that url. Enter your FULL E-Mail address user@domain as login name. Enter your POP3 password in password field.

Have we SMTP service available? How to send E-Mail via our server?

You MUST send mail via SMTP server of your internet-provider.

But some providers do not allow this service open. We have our own SMTP server working for you for this reason. If using TheBat:

Account ->
  Properties ->
    Transport ->
      Send Mail:

SMTP server:

Connection: Regular      Port: 25

Press Button "Authentication":

Turn ON checkbox Use "POP before SMTP" authentication

Turn OFF other checkboxes on that screen

Press OK

How to rule your entire domain and mailboxes

Go to Hostmail url from above table. Enter full domain name and postmaster's password in appropriste fields.

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