SQL database

To create your own database call our support (by phone or by E-Mail). You'll receive appropriate information:
dbname: - database name (usuaully equal to login user)
dbuser: - database user (usuaully equal to login user)
dbpass: - database user password
dbhost: - host IP of MYSQL server. It may be determined from table:

hostname IP addr Statistic address
GFNS: MYSQL dbhost=j1.gfns.net
Mail server: mail.gfns.net
j2.gfns.net webalizer.j2.gfns.net
j3.gfns.net webalizer.j3.gfns.net
j4.gfns.net webalizer.j4.gfns.net
j5.gfns.net webalizer.j5.gfns.net
EVRAZIA: MYSQL dbhost=e1.gfns.net
Mail server: mail.evrazia.org
e2.evrazia.org webalizer.e2.evrazia.org
e3.evrazia.org webalizer.e3.evrazia.org
DUGIN: MYSQL dbhost=d1.gfns.net
Mail server: mail.xvid.ru
d2.gfns.net webalizer.d2.gfns.net
d3.gfns.net webalizer.d3.gfns.net
INNUAL: MYSQL dbhost=i1.gfns.net
Mail server: mail.wat.ru
i2.gfns.net webalizer.i2.gfns.net
i3.gfns.net webalizer.i3.gfns.net
Also, you may operate with your database interactively via PhpMyAdmin interface (url from above table), using your dbuser and dbpass for login into it.

FOR STUPIDS: There are NOT login and password, that you use for FTP access. Use dbuser and dbpass to access PhpMyAdmin.

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