GFNS.NET Visiting statistic

Your site visitors' info

You may use any kind of grafic counters. Many external services support this.

But the most recent, precise and reliable information about visitors, about their actions and results of these actions, is placed directly on hosting server. And this info is available for you via ftp protocol. It is - webserver log-files in 'logs' subdirectory. You may download them and look.

But if your site is popular enough, you spend very much time to read files directly, and large info isn't useful, especially information of months age.

Grafic chart statistics

We keep statistics of one-year period. It is renewed every day, at 6:00 in the morning (MSK)

To see statistic of your site - simply enter URL:

http://statistic address/domain/ - where statistic address is given from table:

hostname IP addr Statistic address
Mail server:
Mail server:
Mail server:
Mail server:

You will be asked for login and password. Use the same as you login via ftp.

Sample statistic you may see HERE, without login and password entering.

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